Cosmologia Universalis : World’s Largest Book

‘Cosmologia Universalis’ 

isbn 978-1-894897-26-6 
‘Cosmologia Universalis’ 
By Robert Chaplin
copyright the publisher

Cosmologia Universalis

the universe and all we are, 
every galaxy and star
all the matter, all space-time, 
all the music, verse and rhyme
each and every moon and planet, 
every asteroid and comet,
each eclipse and each black hole, 
every critter, plant, and soul 
every molecule and atom, 
each electron, all the quarks
the antimatter, missing socks
the gravity, imagination,  
cosmic book 
that is,  Creation.

What more is there to say ? This stone, a Shiv Lingam from the Narmada River, was carved by my hand using diamonds and water. Arguably this is the largest book, ever. It has an International Standard Book Number and it fits nicely in your hand. As this was my intention, to publish the Universe, I’m obligated to put the isbn on it somewhere. So why not a stone ? I suppose I could launch it into outer space, but the earth is already in outer space so that would be redundant. 

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