One Tough Cookie

Revolution and art are practices done without consent. No one will give you permission to burn a city and kill your oppressors. No entity can rightfully permit the creation of a work of art. This, an Oreo Carved by my hand in Ebony and Ivory. On the surface It’s POP, but You and I know this is loaded, and really what good art isn’t ? What’s the life of an elephant worth ? what’s the value of a rainforest ? How long can we feed corporate greed ? How long are people going to hate and when can they please stop ? I was struck when I read, ‘Nothing Personal’ by James Baldwin, and came to the understanding that the social division caused by racism provides benefit to a small number of people in power. The Roman epithet,“Divide and Conquer ”, comes to mind. Sir Paul and Stevie Wonder make me wonder, why all these tough questions for such a little cookie ? 

There’s more, each oreo i make, has a secret inside. Some open and have scrimshaw inside. Others are permanently sealed with a silver word inside. It’s invisible, you can’t see it, but if you x-ray the oreo the word is there. I provide a signed x-ray print with each oreo so the owner can see what’s in their oreo. I sign the x-ray print, not the oreo sculpture. Regarding the use of ivory, i use recycled ivory, and in a world where people see the need to save cardboard, it seemed wrong to let a valuable material go to waste. 

For all its worth, Jerry Saltz said it was good art, and that’s alright by me! 
I’m horse trading oreos, so get in and play.

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