Do You Know Canuck the Crow?

Canuck is two and a half years old, and already his exploits are the stuff of Legend.

As a baby, Canuck fell from his nest and was left for dead, he was fed by people and miraculously survived. He lives his life in-between the natural world and this city we call home. In many ways Canuck is wild, he is not a pet, he flies out to Still Creek to the big roost with all of the other crows every evening, in the morning Canuck commutes into town to conduct his business. The business of being the most famous crow in the world.

Canuck interfered with a murder investigation, no pun intended. Flew off with the knife ! Vancouver police had to chase him down to recover it. Canuck has been reported riding on the sky train, without buying a ticket. Canuck has a girlfriend named Cassiar and this nesting season Canuck interfered with the neighbourhood mail delivery as he was protecting his nest.  The main difference between Canuck and the other wild crows is that he has no fear of people, this makes Canuck one of Vancouver’s most vulnerable citizens. This spring Canuck was the victim of thoughtless human brutality and had to spend time in the hospital. While researching Canuck I met his friend and advocate Shawn Bergman, we agreed that as a city, we need to honour Canuck to protect him.

I have met Canuck on numerous occasions and can tell you he is a magnificent creature, a true wild animal friend. I want to dedicate a monumental bronze to Celebrate Canuck, I've begun to model him in epoxy clay and will update this post as I refine my model. I have applied to the city of Vancouver's public art commission to get this ball rolling, if you would like to see Canuck larger than life, you might send an email saying so to: Eric Fredericksen, eric.fredericksen@vancouver.ca. If you want to follow Canuck and his exploits go to Canuck and I on Facebook. Shawn updates this regularly and you will discover a world of wonder. 

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