So it's summer and you’re in Canada. Some people drink Gin & Tonic, while others throw lawn darts. Some people play horse shoes, swim, sun bathe naked, or drink beer & fight the black flies. There’s fishing, and hang gliding, and hiking and then; there’s the Bad Assest, grand daddy, of all pastimes... Cribbage. What better way to while away those too hot summer nights than in an intoxicated, card counting, rhyme timing, stupor ? It’s a backwoods groove, fifteen two fifteen four, and the rest don’t score ... fifteen six , fix, and the rest don’t mix...“honey, are we all out of mix ? ”

Speaking of mix here’s ‘Cribbageridoo’ a Cribbage board I worked on with my friend Jim Smerdon, I’d do anything for that man. He is truly remarkable, and when he asked me to help him with this project, I immediately agreed. After Jim and I wrangled the wood, Jim cut it to length and drilled all of the holes, then he gave it to me for a paint job. I was as surprised by the final results as anyone, and ultimately pleased with the Abo-critter dream time vibe. Complete with some new Cribbage rhymes, skunk-punk, Funky Monkey Double Skunkie, Finish in victory, ants in your pants, everyone does the finishing dance.

Thanks Jim.

Photo Credit: Jim Smerdon

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Anonymous said...

And a run, just for fun
Adding 4 to my score.

I'm the reigning Cribbage champion in my family... maybe even the world.

Nice work.

Nogrinnin said...

Ah, brings back fond memories of playing cribbage with my mom back in the 70's.


Robert Chaplin rca said...

hello Anonymous
I could beat you at crib.

Robert Chaplin rca said...

hello Nogrinnin,
I used to play crib with my Mom too:)
Moms are good at crib.