Minted Proof...

This ancient silver coin is a hobo nickel, adjusted for inflation; it was minted in Canada, circa the mid 20th century. That was a long time ago, and back then we could still see majestic herds of wild Unicorn running along by the sea. The Unicorn range is much smaller now and the population is protected by the Royal Canadian Government. Making a token effort to prevent the extinction of this noble beast.

Fifty Cent Pieces are treasured and hoarded by Canadians, who feel this coin carries with it’s provenance, a value greater than it’s denomination. I added value to this fifty cent piece by first, grinding and polishing one side, then I engraved it with the oath from ‘Brussels Sprouts & Unicorns’. Simultaneously an objet d’art, and minted proof of the existence of Unicorns. You can specify the date of the coin, anything minted before 1967 is made of silver.

If it pleases you I'll make one and deliver it
for $ 360.00 Canadian dollars

photo credit: Peter Lattimer

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A.B.C. Dawkins said...

Haha! Classic Chaplin.

Robert Chaplin said...

Thanks amigo :)

Anonymous said...

Robert the email address you wrote down does not send. Nother?
John Mc Goldrick.

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