There is an underlying geometry to this random flurry, a system for defining the minimum amount of negative space between snowflakes of various sizes, I figured it out by drawing. Without getting too specific it makes use of the fact that equilateral triangles of any size, each and all together can tile a plane. Further, each and every shape divisible by equilateral triangles, can be tiled together in this way. Since hexagons are made of equilateral triangles they can tile a plane in the same manner, leaving sections of equilateral triangles which can, in turn be occupied by more hexagons, leading the mind to infinity.  I’m not sure If I discovered this all sized tiling, but at least for the purposes of this design I will call it ‘Chaplin’s Snowstorm’. Carved by my hand using diamonds and water, this sterling silver pill box fits in the little pocket of your jeans and is ideal for carrying pills of all sorts, medicinal, recreational, and vitaminical. 

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-Copy Cats are Dirty Rats


Anonymous said...

It's been a while.
I'm still around.
I haven't crashed,
I haven't drowned.
Your snowstorm blows
my mind - you see,
I'm awful at geometry.

Nice work.

New Vulgarian said...


Hobo Divine said...

Bravo Bravo
Very nice,
very nice!

Robert Chaplin rca said...

Anonymous I like your rhymes :)

Robert Chaplin rca said...

New Vulgarians Rule

Robert Chaplin rca said...

Thanks for Looking Hobo Divine !