Free Range Democracy: Leaf in the Wind

What happened in Vancouver last night ? Our team lost a hockey tournament, and we tore our city apart in angry rampage. A riot, poor sportsmanship and free range democracy, we can only blame ourselves.

And so I present, my latest carving, a ‘Leaf in the Wind’, an individual carried by current, without intention. People are a bit like that and one at a time is no problem. This work was made of basalt, carved by my hand, using diamonds and water. I wanted to create the illusion that hard stone could be weightless, that a leaf could be thin and light and carried by the spiral form currents of turbulence.

Some may pick up a hard stone and throw it through a window, I choose to carve something interesting. Most people are unfamiliar with work like this, it has a production value similar to dentistry. And in the end, I believe it’s more worthwhile than looting and rioting.

private collection: John Taylor
photo credit: Peter Lattimer
Copy Cats are Dirty Rats


Anonymous said...

Does change occur from the top down or the bottom up?
What frustrations are the people of your city expressing?
Would they be swept away, or blown into a pile and burnt, as is done every autumn by the groundskeeper?
Hmmmmm....your people may drift without weight but the impact of their behavior seems heavy....

Robert Chaplin rca said...

they did what they did
as a matter of course.
burned a few cars,
was it buyers remorse ?