The Royal Canadian Snowflake Collection

The Royal Canadian Snowflake Collection came to me in the vision of a flurry, wind hustling silver snowflakes, swirling, dancing, everlasting. Every snowflake in the collection is sculpted by my hand, then permanently cast in sterling silver. The collection is produced exclusively through sponsorship, like discovering a new star, sponsors get to name their snowflake.

Sponsors receive the first snowflake cast, to keep or give to a friend. The first snowflake is signed and delivered, as a pendant or lapel pin, it's name engraved on the back. The pictorial collection is updated periodically, each snowflake pictured includes the name of the sponsor and the name of their snowflake. We are all Royal Canadians and sponsoring a snowflake is easy, to find out more please visit. http://royalcanadiansnowflake.com

photo credit: Peter Lattimer

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* Hats off to Wilson Bentley, for inspiration and a life well spent.


Faire Dodo, perchance to dream... in sterling

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have heard it said that, “faire dodo” means nighty-night in french.

Regarding the sterling Dodo, at some point I published ‘The Last Dodo’, complete with cast sterling medal, isbn, rhyme and dedication. The text portion of this work was reproduced in ‘Brussels Sprouts & Unicorns’. Here’s a taste of the medal for your perusal, The model was first carved in hematite, by my hand using diamonds and water, it was then cast in sterling , hand finished, then signed. Each and every dodo is slightly different, an original work of art, to be worn as jewelry. Own one, if it pleases you...

for $180.00 Canadian Dollars
* shipping included

Word to Ralfe Whistler, Happy Belated Dodo. Eighty is a grand age indeed, to be riding bicycles, chasing our favorite Romaphile, and hunting dodo's. Well done!
photo credit: Peter Lattimer

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Bull Moose in Alpine Space: Magna Carta du Canada

Magna Carta du Canada. Let the free and wild peoples of this nation reign supreme. Let the majesty of wild lands blind all suburban vision. Let taxation be paid directly to the land which sustains us; to the mountains, plains, forests, rivers, lakes, streams, and seas. Let the seed of legend be planted in wilderness, that we might hunt together and build a society, which is as elegant as the trees, and as happy as my animal friends.

This 40”x 60” brush drawing depicts Bull Moose in Alpine Space; it is the result of a conversation I had with my friend, patron , and colleague, Peter Lattimer. You may notice this picture has a lot of wild space, and that it has been populated with my favorite Canadian animal friends. Beaver is sitting on his lodge, Grizzly mother and cub are taking the time to reflect, Mountain Goat is overlooking the entire vista, while the birds migrate left. Complete with teeth, antlers, horns, and tails, my animals are anatomically correct; after all this is fine art, which means respect has to be paid to naturalistic representation.

Photo Credit: Mel Yap

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