The Royal Canadian Snowflake Collection

The Royal Canadian Snowflake Collection came to me in the vision of a flurry, wind hustling silver snowflakes, swirling, dancing, everlasting. Every snowflake in the collection is sculpted by my hand, then permanently cast in sterling silver. The collection is produced exclusively through sponsorship, like discovering a new star, sponsors get to name their snowflake.

Sponsors receive the first snowflake cast, to keep or give to a friend. The first snowflake is signed and delivered, as a pendant or lapel pin, it's name engraved on the back. The pictorial collection is updated periodically, each snowflake pictured includes the name of the sponsor and the name of their snowflake. We are all Royal Canadians and sponsoring a snowflake is easy, to find out more please visit. http://royalcanadiansnowflake.com

photo credit: Peter Lattimer

robertchaplin (at) lightspeed (dot) ca
-© Robert Chaplin admmx. copy cats are dirty rats
* Hats off to Wilson Bentley, for inspiration and a life well spent.


Filou Designs said...

hi rob! ahh now i see =) good work!

Robert Chaplin rca said...

thanks for looking, you do lovely work :)

Anonymous said...

Rob, Rob,
where did you go?
Did you drown in the rain?
Or get burried in snow?

Your blog has been silent;
we spend all our days waiting.
Just post something simple
so we know you're creating.

Robert Chaplin rca said...

when I look into the chicken guts
I'm speaking to the gizzard
will post again, I promise
soon as I'm done this blizzard.

Anonymous said...

You're alive!! We're relieved.
And elated. And thrilled.
Don't get stuck in the blizzard
lest your genius gets chilled.

(Have a wonderful Christmas and a delightful slide into the new year.)

robertchaplin said...

Living in the Arctic's
never been a picnic...
Jeanie Snowball
ate an OokPik.

Unknown said...

Wow, tiny things even look better.. Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that your Arctic climes are anything but pleasant.
Maybe Jeanie should avoid OokPik
And stick to plump roast pheasant.

Robert Chaplin rca said...

it's me that's been roasted
'bout time that I posted.