Goliath: Humble Beginnings

What good is art, if it is not a language one can use to back talk a Renaissance master or carry on the conversation with cave painters ? I got it in my head to sculpt ‘Goliath’, that means I get to go head to head withDavid , it’s biting off a lot, and these are my humble beginnings. I'm building the armature with cardboard, packing tape, and hot glue, Michelangelo never had it so good :) it is my plan to do as much as I can with these materials, before putting on the “skin”, using space age epoxy resin, further, it is my intention to cast Goliath’ as a monumental bronze.

Goliath was the champion of the Philistines, and there is only one thing to be done with a head. I’ll be updating this project with subsequent posts so you can monitor my progress.

Photo Credit: Mel Yap

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Anonymous said...

That I would google you and find your blog on the day of one of your *rare* postings... Tis a lucky day indeed. Can't wait to see how he turns out.

wv: "spate" = the past tense of "to spit". Goliath ate them up and spate them out.

Robert Chaplin said...

You've written much, Anonymous,
and some of it is wise. You've written sage philosophy, rhetoric
and lies. You've penned some handsome poetry, created clever verse, you've scribbled outhouse doggerel, and limericks and worse. The length of your career is really something to admire, though I'd hazard half your work, should be consigned unto a fire :)

Seriously, thanks for your comment ancient one.

Anonymous said...

A what?? - a FIRE?!? Anonymous fears
She cannot believe her most delicate ears.
The Chaplin he rhymes with an un-pious pen,
As though jokery, jestery, wittery en-
dlessly spill out in violent swirls from his brain,
Rehashing familiar iambic refrain.
So as young David to Goliath said:
"You talk some big talk. Now, off with your head!"

(Naw, keep the head - the world needs more like yours :)

suzanne cabrera said...

Love this glimpse inside the 'brain' of your process. I'm kinda liking this stage...would have a hard time covering it!

Jacquie said...

Happiness is a warm gluegun.

k3nt said...

Cool Rob. No poetry from this cat. I'd love to see the resin result, nevermind the cast result. Which I am certain will amaze.