Elegance, it would be my greatest pleasure to express, in stone and theme, the feelings which move us to rapture, peals of laughter, tears of joy, and quiet satisfaction. However, this post concerns much darker magic. And so, let’s cast our thoughts to more occult practices, shamanism, and the markets...

Upon close inspection, beyond the mathematics and technical jargon, the markets are filled with rich mythology. The language of magic, superstition abound. A “ dead cat bounce ” happens after a stock has hit bottom, but before it goes completely flat.“ The Bear is the market going down , “ The Bull ” is the market going up. Then there is the “ triple witching hour ”, on “ triple witching day ” , when all hell breaks loose. Face reality, market speculation is a form of gambling; so if you’re going down that path, you will need all the luck you can muster, and the stones to follow the timeless edict, “ buy when there is blood in the street-Baron Rothschild

These carvings in hematite, were made by my hand, using diamonds and water. This bear and bull are talismans, animist representations of the binary godhead of the market. They are carved in three dimensional relief and signed by my trademark. Please note, the peaceful and joyous expressions. Free from the anxiety, which has of late caused the ruin of many traders: the bull is at peace because selling gives one liquid freedom, the bear is happy because the sweetness of the trade is determined at the point of purchase, the good deal.

Since it is levity which is the seed of inspiration, these works make use of visual puns. The bull has maximum scrotal circumference because it takes “ balls ” to work the markets, and when ranchers buy bulls, this is the most important measurement. The bear has a cute bear bum, because sometimes you have to “ cover yours ” if you want to survive. To hold the entire market in the palm of your hand is a powerful value. Name your price Dear Trader, these works are for you to enjoy, in prosperity and good health.

photo credit: Peter Lattimer

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-Timothy Taylor

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Publish books and live smarter

Indulge me on this one and maybe I'll tell you a tale, a story populated by prancing pirates and sensitive cannibals. not likely ! At this publisher’s house we deal only with the big picture stories, important works of ultra educational literature. So word to the hopeful, don’t pester me with insipidity, if you have something that’s really good, I’ll look. If I send you a rejection slip, it’s going to have instructions for how to get an isbn so you can do this publishing thing for yourself. You see, that is what I’ve been doing, and now I have my own imprint. Publishers often whine about it being a tough business, and maybe that’s true, but at this point I’d like to weigh in on the discussion. It seems to me that the industry is polarizing, big house media conglomerates on one hand, and a plethora of little houses just trying to eek a living on the other hand. It seems to me that we all have to pull together a little bit. We have to produce lean, high quality material, we also must find inventive ways to bring our work to the public. A book is a form of treasure! This was true, when King Francis I established the original legal deposit library, it is just as true today. I sell books to stores, libraries, schools, and individuals; from my website, and out of my backpack. My house is as good as it’s titles. Would that our industry adopt my standards and practices, we might well save trees, and space in landfills.

I'm proud of my latest publication, ‘ Delicious Chicken Soup’ by Andrey Durbach. We had the launch at Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks, and it was most successful. This childrens book for ages 8-188, teaches all people, young and old, how to make delicious chicken soup properly from scratch. In light of our current economic circumstances, I'd argue that this work is more important than the Gutenberg bible. This is not chicken soup for your soul, it is chicken soup for your whole, to nourish your body and keep you alive.

“Sublime, Literally”
-William Gibson
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the moon revisited

‘‘There's a rocketship leaves here
each day at noon,
not too expensive,
it goes to the moon.
Where it's lovely to picnic,
on warm days, in June...
But In July and August
there are too many damn tourists.

There's a rocketship leaves here
each evening at nine
it goes to the moon,
There's great places to dine.
On pairings of cheese
and white lunar wine.
And its more fun with you...
so don't freak out”

Further to previous lunar exploration; this work represents the face of the moon, carved by my hand using diamonds and water, in a lovely piece of picture jasper. On the darkside you can see a cutaway exposing the tide controls, hinting at the solution to the exquisite mystery of the lunar connection to the tide; the local motion found in all water, including seas and lakes, ponds and rivers, even the water found in the cells of plants and the blood which moves through our veins. Little wonder the ancients established a link between the moon and our emotional state, that the study of the moon lead to the first attempts at understanding madness and romantic love. Currently I’m over the moon, but promise to show you the rabbit after my next visit.

photo credit: Peter Lattimer
collection : Jess Sarber

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