the moon revisited

‘‘There's a rocketship leaves here
each day at noon,
not too expensive,
it goes to the moon.
Where it's lovely to picnic,
on warm days, in June...
But In July and August
there are too many damn tourists.

There's a rocketship leaves here
each evening at nine
it goes to the moon,
There's great places to dine.
On pairings of cheese
and white lunar wine.
And its more fun with you...
so don't freak out”

Further to previous lunar exploration; this work represents the face of the moon, carved by my hand using diamonds and water, in a lovely piece of picture jasper. On the darkside you can see a cutaway exposing the tide controls, hinting at the solution to the exquisite mystery of the lunar connection to the tide; the local motion found in all water, including seas and lakes, ponds and rivers, even the water found in the cells of plants and the blood which moves through our veins. Little wonder the ancients established a link between the moon and our emotional state, that the study of the moon lead to the first attempts at understanding madness and romantic love. Currently I’m over the moon, but promise to show you the rabbit after my next visit.

photo credit: Peter Lattimer
collection : Jess Sarber

robertchaplin (at) lightspeed (dot) ca
-© Robert Chaplin admmix. copy cats are dirty rats


Hobo Divine said...

The prices get steeper?
What about Septemeber?
Tell me, is it cheaper?
If you become a member?

Robert Chaplin rca said...

Thanks Hobo!

remember, remember
to fly in September.
the tickets are cheaper
for one simple reason.
It is the off season.