Brussels Sprout Magic (contemporary art as genre)

‘The Brussels Sprout Testimonial’ isbn 1-894897-09-9

“Sing and shout and dance about,
there's magic in the Brussels sprout,
boiled up and served in butter,
baked into a pie,
I love to eat the Brussels sprout,
to go without would make me cry.

Have faith and never ever doubt,
there's magic in the Brussels sprout,
in cheese sauce or in minestrone,
I will stand and Testify,
I love to eat the Brussels sprout,
to go without I'd rather die!” *

This Sterling Silver Brussels Sprout was given out as an annual award by my excellent friend Barbara-Jo. To honour the chef who made the best cookbook. This award began in 2007, and was given to:
Matthew Stowe, ‘ The Tastes of Sonora Resort
Jennifer McLagan,‘ Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, With Recipes
John Bishop, ‘ Simply Bishop’s
Vikram Vij, ‘Vij’s: ‘ Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine

This precious metal vegetable is also made available to private collectors. To order yours and become a silver sprout farmer, simply contact me by email robertchaplin (at) lightspeed (dot) ca

photo credit: Jennifer McLagan

*-rhyme available in ‘Brussels Sprouts & Unicorns- library edition’
-© Robert Chaplin admmx. copy cats are dirty rats


Anonymous said...

Nice meeting you today Robert!


Robert Chaplin rca said...

hello anonymous,
nice link to the flckr account!
It was super to meet you guys photographing in my neighborhood :)