HOT POTATO aka Old Four Eyes

The ‘Hot Potato’ has four eyes, and sees
through lies, and answers questions which arise...

What is Hematite ?
What is the Eye of Horus ?
What are the fashions in Potato Bug Country ?
What is the Hot Potato Game ?
What is the Illuminati ?
Who are the Freemasons ?
What is Mr Potato Feeling ?
Where can I find a good optometrist ?
Where can I study conspiracy theory ?
When is Now ?
Why is that freaky eye and pyramid on the backside of a greenback ?
How do I grow a potato ?
How do I build a spud gun ?

This objet d'art, in hematite, was carved by my hand using diamonds and water.
A mysterious process indeed.

photo credit: Peter Lattimer
-Copy Cats are Dirty Rats


Hobo Divine said...

What has four wheels and eyes?
(give up?)

get it?
(no wait-sh*t)

what has four heels and flies

ahhh skip it...

This is mesmerizing.
Where is the start position?
And when we stare at this object d'jour...

are we looking in...

or are we...

looking out?

Robert Chaplin rca said...

Thanks for looking Hobo Divine !
It's hard to say where it starts exactly, it definitely spells HoToPoTATo in four directions. So if reading was an inclination, one could start at the letter ‘H’.

Hobo Divine said...

oh I see...
that makes sense
it just so happens
H is a good letter to start with my name too.

Robert Chaplin rca said...

"Hobo Divine" and "Hot Potato",
brought to you by the letter "H"
thanks letter H.