The Double Dingle Jingle Plunger - For those with aural fixations: isbn 0-968818-30-7

Is there a plumber in the house ? Way back in the days of my great grandfather M. Duchamp put a toilet in a museum and called it art. Citing this precedent, I figured that I could possibly put a plunger, in the national library and call it a book...so I did. At the turn of the century, I published an actual toilet plunger, complete with jingle bells, an ISBN, and a piece of potty poetry bound to the handle with an elastic band. If you click on ‘The Double Dingle Jingle Plunger you can see the actual catalogue information at Library and archives Canada.

Behold, and witness the miracle of creation. Cast in solid bronze, complete with copper clapper; this is the 10th anniversary edition of, ‘The Double Dingle Jingle Plunger’. Not wanting to have my acheivement eclipsed by the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, I'm releasing this a year early. A perfectly pitched potty plunger for your perusal and quiet enjoyment.

Powered by : Salt
Copper Clapper Casting : Jesse Sarber
Photo Credit: Lara Hill

* newspaper article Edmonton Journal
Photograph by
Kirsten Reite


Hobo Divine said...

The Duchamp Dinner Bell!

Robert Chaplin rca said...

Thanks, I thought it might inspire a Pavlovian response, in some curators of contemporary art, to be properly rewarded with milk bones :)

Hobo Divine said...

Ahh I see,

I wonder if Ivan even named his dog(s) or used the bell for a secret code:
1 ring (hey dummy!)
2 rings (not you the other dummy)
3 rings (I live in Russia)
4 rings (I am having a mild stroke, feed yourself)

Robert Chaplin rca said...

I wonder how come nobody ever talks about Pavlov's other pet, the hamster. Jimmy the hamster, used to do all kinds of crazy things, invented modern finger painting. Serious influence on Chagall and the later work of Kandinsky.

Hobo Divine said...

Yes Jimmy unfortunately wasn't celebrated like Pavlov's dog Jojo.
and yes... I agree Jimmy was way ahead of his time with the whole "petite Art Brut" thing.
Sure it was short lived,
Sure Jimmy short lived!

But his tiny genius will remain in my heart forever.

Hobo Divine said...


Back on your heads!