Danish Modern Travel Chess

Lego is a toy, a wonderful, whimsical, readymade way to create things. And so, I've designed this actual sized travel chess, in Lego. It's contemporary art, built from recycled Lego, each set is unique and made to be permanent. The Lego has been welded together to form a board table and independent chess pieces. The game pieces are all stored inside the board table. The pieces use Lego technology to defy gravity, sticking them to the board. Play chess like Kasparov. Play on trains and in automobiles, space shuttle cruises and trips to the moon. Anytime, anywhere, the game is yours.

-Copy Cats are Dirty Rats

photo credit: Peter Lattimer

Globe and Mail
-Timothy Taylor


A-R Dumont said...

Neato! You're a lego man alright :D Lego innovator.

Hobo Divine said...

Duchamp ain't no chump
but crushed the decoys
put the spin on the suckas
just like a b-boy

with those spinning toys
he left optical pleasure
packed salons all
rocked beyond measure

with his ready-mades
made the high court cower
used art as a weapon
and took away the power

The big wigs flipped
and all the suckas choke
repped with G. Grosz
repped with Hannah Høch

with his all-star crew
brought 'descending #2
So tell me Rob-C
How they different from you?

or different from me?
rejecting the Guv,
it's all love
check this on out

when the dogma bit
It left nothing but a stigma
art's for the elite
now cop that enigma

With his Dada crew
he laid down the ground work
controlled the enterprise
just like Captain Kirk

You can't flex on Marcel
he had arsenal
turned them on their heads
like that urinal, it was final

made all the heads
rotate like vinyl!


(ya heard?!)

Robert Chaplin rca said...

That's some inspired couplets
Mr Hobo Divine. Purely delicious.
Suffice to say, that in dissing the late Mr. Duchamp, I've not been entirely fair. It's the institution-
alization of Dada, found as the base of contemporary art, which is toy.
Context is not everything.
Form and content are of equal importance.
cheers, R

Hobo Divine said...

I agree,

let's make pax my friend.