The Common Toad (Bufo Americanus)


Deride not this ugly American, as even toads are beautiful...if one takes the time to notice. Not to be confused with ‘Mr Toad’; this work is an actual sized * representation of the common toad, in Russian nephrite, carved by my hand using diamonds and water. I've always been struck by the beauty of amphibian eyes, the solution to these eyes was found in construction and inlay,18 karat gold bezel** and Black jadeite from Guatemala. The Nephrite was a gift from my friend Dr Morley Lipsett. This exquisite creature resides in the excellent collection of my friends the Knox's.

* 1:1 scale representation
**The gold details on this piece were completed in collaboration with goldsmith, Karen Morrow.

-© Robert Chaplin admmx. copy cats are dirty rats

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