An Object Lesson in Macro-Economics

what is this mysterious object ? this sphere of hematite carved by my hand using diamonds and water? The designs are inspired by the backside of a Greenback, American dollar bill and circumscribed with magic text. “Made round to go round”, Something my Father used to say when he gave us our allowance. An object lesson in macro-economics, perchance to help with quantitative easing?

My Grandfather said, “ you can’t spend yourself rich” and, “ the next depression would be high priced ”. He was right of course, the elderly very often are. The US government is printing money faster than anyone can spend it. The effect is that it costs more to buy anything. It’s not that things have increased in value, rather that the money is very very cheap. Fiat money never survives long, a symptom of a regime in decay.

This stone is a crystal of iron oxide, yet it will never rust. When Hematite is carved it makes blood red dust. It can be magnetized and it’s hardness is about 5 1/2 on Mohs scale. It is a durable, hard stone, carving and it will remain intact until the sun consumes the inner planets. Metaphysicians believe this stone has grounding properties. With money and metaphysics, grounding has value.


Hobo Divine said...

Hello Robert!

This is very beautiful!

Your Grandfather was right you can't spend yourself rich.

The banks are idiotic!
How can you abuse a system you are a part of and at the same time expect to be protected.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... methinks you side very much with Republican mindset. I suppose it might make sense, if you seek to coddle potential customers (who else can afford to contemplate and perhaps purchase one of your gems?) Although maybe with continuing unemployment, as is bound to happen, you will spark the imaginations of those who now have more time on their hands....

For a different point of view:

Robert Chaplin rca said...

Thanks Hobo!

Robert Chaplin rca said...

Anonymous, I'm Canadian, so I couldn't possibly be a Republican. we don't have Republicans and Democrats in Canada. We have a constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary democracy. A bird needs two wings to fly :)

Anonymous said...

How's it going in the Parking Spot?
It's not too cramped?
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Tell me your hours and I will try
to visit Your Royal Genius
just to say hi.

Robert Chaplin rca said...

you're welcome to pop by and say hello to me.
would be fun to know your identity.
will be there wednesdays
noon til six
otherwise by appointment