Sacred Heart of Artichoke - isbn 978-1-894897-23-5

Sacred Heart of Artichoke is a precious metal vegetable. The artichoke is a solid gold pin which can be worn as a lapel pin, brooch or tie pin. It is cast in 14 karat green gold. Colored gold is created by alloying gold with other metals, rose gold is made by alloying gold with copper, white gold happens when gold is alloyed with nickel, green gold occurs when gold is alloyed with silver.

The Sacred Heart of Artichoke pin was inspired by my excellent friend, Barbara-Jo. Barbara-Jo is the proprietrix of Canada's Largest Cook Book Store, Barbara-Jo's Books To Cooks. After acquiring several sterling Brussels Sprouts, Barbara-Jo asked If I could make an artichoke, and this is what I came up with. I hope you like the artichoke as much as Barbara-Jo. Like much of my art, this work has a literary component; delivered upon a prayer card featuring
the beneficent image of Jesus Christ , the prayer for The Sacred Heart of Artichoke , and published complete with it's own international standard book number. Delicious, free-range, organic jewelry, made by my hand, for all whom we love.

Prayer: Sacred Heart of Artichoke

Sacred Heart of Artichoke

Guide me in contemplation
of the beauty found in your
divine proportions and
Teach me to savor the
ecstasy surrounding
your immaculate

Photo Credit. Peter Lattimer

This lovely pin makes a suitable gift for apostate and practicing Catholics, Protestants, Brights, Atheists, Buddhists, Confucists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Zoroastrians, Vegetarians, Young lovers, Newlyweds, Old folks, and people of good will everywhere. If you would like to own a ‘Sacred Heart of Artichoke’ or buy one for a friend, simply contact me or Barbara-Jo, the price is $300.00.


hobo divine said...

The ring behind Jesus's head represents the sun because he is the sun (or the son a typo) that travels through all 12 signs of the zodiac.
Travelling to the centre of an artichoke to find a heart is very much like being an artist. You peel back many layers only to find nothing but yourself, in the empty in middle.


hobo divine said...

Some rock Fila
Some rock Adidas
Jesus rocked Artichokes!
I guess Veggie-Bling was in back then.
Yeeeeeah Byooooooooooiieeeeeee!

Or to quote Jesus~

"Listen to your heart, don't believe the tripe!

charlene said...

beautiful rob