Testimonial Evidence

Happy Birthday Anne Ainsley ! my friend, whose simply mad about Romans. This piece which I've made in Basalt, Tourmaline, 18karat gold, and an actual Roman coin, has been commissioned, Thanks to our beloved Dodo.

The coin was minted under Philip the Arab, the pagan warrior,
who ruled Rome from 244-249 AD. The Basalt carving was done by my hand; it represents ‘The Black Sun’, wonder of the ancients, the solar eclipse. In concert, these two items form a unique pendant, and provide testimonial evidence that ancient Romans enjoyed holidays in British Columbia. It is a well understood fact that Roman Emperors and high ranking citizens used to work in AD and vacation in BC. Coincidentally, the basalt on which this design is carved, was formed in BC and found in beautiful British Columbia.

In order to produce this work I had help from, my friend and colleague, Karen Morrow . I provided her with my basalt carving, tourmalines, the roman coin, and a working sketch. After some time, consideration, and effort, the resulting work of art shines in perfect existence, the evidence is right before your eyes.

photo credit: Peter Lattimer
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