If I had a Hammer, I'd hammer all the folk song singers...just kidding. Who'd want to do that :) I carved this little hammer for a society I belong to, The New Vulgarians Society. We like to pick edulicious mushrooms, cook yummy food, and drink good whiskey. Unlike the Malleus Maleficarum, this hammer will be used for cheerful ceremonial purposes, as a gavel, scotch opener, garlic smasher, picture hanger, and last spike driver. While carving this commission, James Barber passed away. For those too young to remember, James Barber taught an entire generation of Canadians to cook. James liked cooking and eating, and had the scar on his chest to prove it. I met James at his home office a few years ago, we talked, about food, art, publishing and life. These things were on my mind while I carved, and maybe that is why James Barber appeared in my work. Somehow, I don't think James would mind sticking his tongue out at polite society, and officiating at the commencement of our feasts; on wild mushrooms, fine spirits, and all of the bounty, that which, only nature and ingenuity, can provide.

photo credit: Peter Lattimer
-Copy Cats are Dirty Rats


I've Been Working on The Railroad

What can I say... I have the best land lord in the whole world, Bernie! He set the whole thing up, so that I could make an appointment to speak with the chairman of the Canadian National Railway. I showed a piece of art that I'd made, entitled, 'King of The Railroad'. The Chairman liked my work, and ordered three of my carved Railway Spikes. With regard to semiology, I hand engraved actual railway spikes, with the CN logo, the owners name, and actual hobo signs. Railway spikes are made from high carbon steel. I engraved them using diamonds and water.

photo credit: Peter Lattimer