The Snow Flakes of Canada

It's the snow really, the dread and deadly beauty of it. Each snowflake is unique, and even more ephemeral than the ones we cut from paper, as children in kindergarten. These snowflakes I've carved, using the graal technique, working with hot glass master Jeff Burnette, at Joe Blow Glassworks. I worked the glass cold, carving the snowflakes using diamonds and water. Jeff worked the glass hot, using a furnace, and molten glass. Together, we made these snowflakes to last forever. In Canada, special members of the canadian establishment are honoured, and given the Order of Canada. This honour is represented by the snowflake. All Canadians are eligable, except politicians and dead people. Nominate someone you know for an Order of Canada, It dosen't cost anything and makes a thoughtful Christmas present. This work in glass would also make a great Christmas gift, or a perfect addition to any serious collection of art glass.

photo credit: Peter Lattimer


King of the Railroad

By my calculations, If the Roman Empire had railroads, people would have landed on the Moon by 1820.
This is an actual railway spike. These things are made from carbon steel, and used to fasten the train tracks to the wooden railway ties. I carved the end of this one using diamonds and water. The design is classical, and incorporates latin scripture. “ Ferrum Via Rex Rgis”, the English translation is, "King of the Railroad".

photo credit: Peter Lattimer