'Minushka' - isbn 1-894897-21-8

" Opera is beautiful because it's the only world where a person can actually be lucky enough to die from a broken heart." - Malcolm Douglas Chaplin

I survived a broken heart, and I used it as keen fuel to publish this exquisite collection of Russian Dolls. This is a photograph of all of them, a multicultural family, Sold in sets of five. These nesting dolls are in fact a novel form of book, a hand painted manuscript if you will. Each set of dolls has an ISBN, and contains a story, the outside doll is the cover and each nesting doll is a page, concluding with the last doll; on which is painted the last word. The story is a love poem , which would melt the panties off of Leonard Cohen *. I composed this work and painted the words on each doll. As a Publisher, I reserve the right to work with other talent and so the faces were painted by the incomparable Andrea Tucker, whom I retained to illustrate this work. There are eleven of copies of this manuscript in existence, each is an original work of art. I've sold through these, however; if you are a librarian or curator, with at taste for livre d'artiste, I will gladly connect you to one of my collectors .

* Just kidding about the Panties, Leonard Cohen is Canada's poet laureate. He has been appointed by popular consensus and will hold this designation for life.

Photography credit: Lauralee Gordon


' The Brussells Sprout Testimonial ' a monumental miniature actual size - isbn 1-894897-09-9

What creature of this stature, in all of English common law, is so much loved and detested ? Those who love sprouts love to love them, those who hate sprouts love to hate them. We are united in our passion and few can feign indifference. Regarding the notion of scale, by and large considered by most aesthetes, to be the primary focus of sculpture. Ponder this, how would it be possible to monumentalize a Brussels sprout ? For one that is huge, would be confused with the cabbage; and one that is too small, would not be very much at all. In solving this problem, I've made this monument to the Brussels Sprout on the kawaii side of actual size.
This photo was taken by my friend Mel Yap.

'The Brussels Sprout Testamonial'- isbn 1-894897-09-9
Sing and shout and dance about, there's magic in the Brussels sprout, boiled up and served in butter, baked into a pie, I love to eat the Brussels sprout, to go without would make me cry.
Have faith and never ever doubt, there's magic in the Brussels sprout, in cheese sauce or in minestrone, I will stand and Testify, I love to eat the Brussels sprout, to go without I'd rather die!

This precious metal vegetable was originally produced to celebrate love, for the wedding of my Friend Jonathan Wreglesworth. Available in Sterling and Bronze I raise the price by $50, each and every time one is sold, so check back to see the current price of sprouts. 

Thanks to Mark Nishiguchi !

Photo Credit: Mel Yap


Starry Night in Canada

This is my ‘Starry Night’, It is an official NHL Hockey Puck , which I have carved and inlaid with gold. It is a contemporary objet d'art, decorated with a swirling spiral night, containing six stars and a golden moon. The design is carved in relief, within a circle, this type of composition is called a ‘Rondelle’. I have carved this word ‘Rondelle’ on the backside, as it also means ‘Puck’ in French.