My Grandmother & Her Moose, Molly

Once upon a time, in 1955, at Babine Lake, in beautiful northern British Columbia. My Grand mother, Laura Chaplin, had a pet moose, whose name was Molly. Molly was a good moose and learned to play shuffleboard and Canasta. Molly got so good at these games that she was eventually sent to live at a Game farm in Alberta. There Molly studied the secrets of chess and was eventually ranked higher than Marcel Duchamp.

The Chicken Egg Reccursion Generator


Raven Transforming into a Lawyer - isbn 1-894897-13-7

To negotiate within this hectic world, mired in the puzzles and conundrums of our age, it would befit the trickster to transform into a lawyer. This work of satire is carved in hematite, a hard stone, also known as Alaskan black diamond. Hematite, is a form of crystalline iron, FE03, it never rusts because it is already oxidized; obviously the perfect raw material for such a subject. I carved the master model sometime shortly after Delgamuukw vs The Queen. Occasionally I produce hand finished versions cast in silver, and copper, for those lawyers with an ironic sense of tradition.


The Crystal Cabbage

The size of a small radicchio, behold the crystal cabbage. Gaze deeply into this crystal to accurately predict cabbage futures on the commodities exchange. For interesting reading, check out Edgar Allen Poe, ' The Devil in The Belfry' . This fantastic tale, quite likely provided the inspiration for 'The Crystal Cabbage'. An objet d'art carved by my hand, in lead crystal, using diamonds and water.
-Copy Cats are Dirty Rats