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Free Range Democracy: Leaf in the Wind

What happened in Vancouver last night ? Our team lost a hockey tournament, and we tore our city apart in angry rampage. A riot, poor sportsmanship and free range democracy, we can only blame ourselves.

And so I present, my latest carving, a ‘Leaf in the Wind’, an individual carried by current, without intention. People are a bit like that and one at a time is no problem. This work was made of basalt, carved by my hand, using diamonds and water. I wanted to create the illusion that hard stone could be weightless, that a leaf could be thin and light and carried by the spiral form currents of turbulence.

Some may pick up a hard stone and throw it through a window, I choose to carve something interesting. Most people are unfamiliar with work like this, it has a production value similar to dentistry. And in the end, I believe it’s more worthwhile than looting and rioting.

private collection: John Taylor
photo credit: Peter Lattimer
Copy Cats are Dirty Rats


Starry Night in Canada

This is my ‘Starry Night’, It is an official NHL Hockey Puck , which I have carved and inlaid with gold. It is a contemporary objet d'art, decorated with a swirling spiral night, containing six stars and a golden moon. The design is carved in relief, within a circle, this type of composition is called a ‘Rondelle’. I have carved this word ‘Rondelle’ on the backside, as it also means ‘Puck’ in French.